CWRH is a Christian Discipleship Ministry. This means that Residents will be receiving Biblical teaching and be held accountable to Christian forms of behavior. God’s Word will be used as the authority by which all guidelines and rules will be determined.
  • CWRH is a one-year program. However, at 30 days, there will be an evaluation to determine – based on the resident's experience and participation up until that point - if the Resident agrees to commit to the entire year and/or if the Resident is a good fit for the program. At this evaluation, the Resident can choose to leave the program, and the Resident can also be asked to leave the program.
  • A Drug Screen will be done upon arrival. Resident agrees to submit to this drug screening and any subsequent, random drug screening during her time in the Ministry.
  • CWRH is a tobacco-free ministry. This means that no use or possession of any tobacco products, including vaping, patches, or gum, will be allowed. Any tobacco products or paraphernalia present upon arrival will be disposed of.
  • Residents of the CWRH Ministry taking psychotropic medications must bring a medical step-down plan from their physician. All approved medications, both over-the-counter and prescription, are to be checked in with the Director of CWRH upon entry. (See Handbook for Medication Guidelines).
  • Money is not necessary during the early phases of the ministry. Please do not bring it with you since you will not be allowed to have it on your person.
  • Personal vehicles will not be permitted for most of your ministry stay. In Phase 3 of the Ministry, vehicle use will be at the discretion of the Ministry Team.
  • Resident is welcome to bring an iPod or MP3 player, but it must not have Internet capability and can only contain Christian music.
  • We have found that the degree of success we can achieve through the CWRH Ministry is directly connected to keeping the residential environment free from distractions that will hinder our Residents in their process of detoxing from not just their addiction but their old ways and patterns of thinking that led them to that addiction as well. We have seen Residents make huge breakthroughs when they are able to tune out things that have previously been distractions. For that reason, there are no televisions, computers, cell phones, or video games permitted on the premises. Most Residents see a huge advantage in limiting these distractions.
  • CWRH is not a program based upon principles and rules designed to achieve behavioral modification. It is an introduction to the most transformational relationship on earth – our relationship with our Creator. And because that relationship is more important than any other, we require it to be the sole focus of our Residents during the term of their stay. That means that there will be no communication or romantic involvement with men (or women). This includes verbal contact, mail, phone, visitation, third party, etc. Exceptions to this rule would be husbands of Residents. In certain cases, communication with husbands may also be put on hold when it becomes necessary to do so for the healing of both parties. Since it takes an intentional focus on Christ to achieve the radical transformation that needs to take place to be completely free, a resident’s focus cannot be compromised or complicated by a competing relationship with someone other than Jesus.
  • We will do our best to help with food allergies, but we cannot accommodate special diets or eating preferences. Healthy options will be offered at each meal.
  • If you decide to leave CWRH prior to the end of your commitment, you have 30 minutes to pack your things and make arrangements to be picked up at a location designated by CWRH. If no arrangement is made, we will provide transportation to the airport, bus station, or homeless shelter for the Resident and her belongings.


Each member of the staff feels called by God to the CWRH Ministry and is committed to walking this spiritual journey to freedom with you. We believe in the Biblical concept of servant leadership and do not take the authority God has given us over you lightly. In our hearts, it comes with a huge responsibility to do whatever it takes to help you succeed.
We find that it is helpful to clarify expectations, and this is a summary of what you can expect, what we expect and then some things for consideration:

  • An environment that has been carefully constructed to allow you to focus on your relationship with Jesus.
  • To be treated with dignity as a person created in the image of God. Sincere, honest questions will receive a like response.
  • Genuine love and care. As stated previously, the staff at CWRH has been called and specifically equipped by God to love and care for those who are struggling with issues and problems such as yours.
  • Guidance and constructive criticism to help you grow past the things keeping you from total freedom and healing.
  • When discipline becomes necessary, consequences that are fair and proportional to the violation.

  • A sincere desire to change in character and conduct.
  • Complete honesty and openness. We understand how hard trust is, but mutual trust is vital if we are to help you work through the life-controlling issues you are here to address.
  • Humility. A lack of humility prevents teachability, and the main reason you are here is to learn – to learn about Jesus, to learn about yourself, and to learn a new way of doing life. Humility will help you embrace and appreciate the authority and structure of CWRH rather than resent it.
  • We do not ask for mindless obedience; however, compliance to the guidelines, rules, and authority structure is non-negotiable in order for us to help you.
  • Commitment. You must be all in. This ministry is not for the faint-hearted. Remaining in the program requires a continued commitment to personal change in character and conduct, as well as a willingness to continue on the path of healing as identified by the staff.
  • Diligence. You must demonstrate a willingness and growing ability to follow the rules and satisfactorily complete homework, journaling, and work duties with a positive and teachable attitude.

Some people find that this is a difficult program, and on so many levels, it is. Part of why it is difficult is that you will need to give up some of your perceived freedoms in order to attain true freedom. That means:
  • You will be supervised and accountable to the staff.
  • Living arrangements are in a dormitory setting – privacy and personal area space are limited.
  • The schedule is structured and free time is limited.
  • You will be required to do work projects as part of the program.
  • This is a Christ-centered program (see our Statement of Faith). Your thoughts and beliefs will be challenged, and you will be changed in the process. Your words and behavior will be addressed and challenged if they do not exhibit the character and conduct of a follower of Christ.

  • Medical issues arise and prevent ongoing participation in the program.
  • Your emotional, psychological, or spiritual needs are beyond the ability or expertise of the existing program or staff.
  • There are significant omissions or falsifications of information on your application or in the interview process that come to light.
  • Attempting to smuggle in or use tobacco, drugs, pornography, weapons, or anything else deemed to be a threat to yourself or others in the community.
  • Violence or threats of violence, taunting to provoke violence or creation of an atmosphere of intimidation.
  • A pattern of inappropriate relating with members of the same or opposite sex or pursuing a romantic relationship with another resident or staff person
  • A pattern of lying and deception.
  • A pattern of abusive language.
  • An influence on others that is destructive, demoralizing, or divisive.
  • Being outside of the residence after lights out or before wake-up time in the morning without a staff member present.
  • Walking off the property without permission.
  • Additional House Rules specifically pertaining to the day-to-day routines and schedules of the house will be provided for you at the time of your arrival.