Most women come to Calvary Women's Restoration House (CWRH) at a point of crisis in their life. No matter how clearly we define the terms of the commitment they are making, we realize that most of the time, they may not always have a clear enough mind to understand and acknowledge the magnitude of their commitment. For that reason, we allow them the first 30 days to see the following:
  • Who Jesus is
  • What CWRH is really like
  • What it means to be a disciple and live Biblically-based life
  • What their commitment actually require of them

This 30-day period also allows our Ministry Team to evaluate the sincerity of the Resident’s commitment, their physical ability to participate in the program, and the Resident’s overall attitude toward real change in her life.

During this Phase, the Resident will participate in the following:
  • Strong Foundations Discipleship Study
  • How to Study the Bible Workshop
  • Becoming acquainted with a family structure and practical living household skills
  • Biblical Discipleship
  • Church attendance
  • Individual Biblical Guidance
  • Opportunities to give back through Community Service

At the end of 30 days, there will be an evaluation, at which time the Resident and the CWRH Ministry Team will be able to know if this is a fit for both parties. If all agree, the Resident will be asked to commit to the remaining term of the one-year program.


This phase of Resident’s time will be used to help her grow through the study of God’s Word. She will participate in additional programs offered to help with vital life skills, including but not limited to:
  • Heart of Addiction Study that presents a biblical view of addiction and how to address addiction through scriptural principles
  • Various specialized studies addressing her core issues of struggle
  • Healed and Set Free Study to help her heal from past hurts and learn how to create healthy patterns to deal with hard issues in the future
  • Biblical Work Ethics Course with assessments
  • Classes in health and exercise
  • Education on how to cook, how to create a meal preparation plan, how to create a menu, and how to put together a food budget
  • Biblical Discipleship
  • Church attendance
  • Individual Biblical Guidance
  • Opportunities to give back through Community Service

There will be a follow-up meeting six months from the date of the Resident’s 30-day evaluation. An assessment will be made at that time as to the Resident’s progress in Phase 2 and to determine if Phase 3 is a viable option for the Resident. The determination as to the Resident’s readiness for Phase 3 will be based upon a joint evaluation by the Ministry Team and the Resident.


The last phase of the Renew term is used to help women use what they have learned through the first phases and apply it to everyday life. This phase has a residential and a non-residential component. Each resident may enter this phase and components at different times, depending on her progress, with guidance from the Ministry team. During this phase, Residents will be able to participate in various courses and activities that will prepare them for reentry into non-residential life. Those include, but are not limited to, Residential:
  • All courses offered in Phase 2
  • Financial Peace University Workshop and individual financial counseling
  • Church attendance
  • Individual Biblical Guidance
  • Resume Writing Workshop and creation of a personal resume
  • Assistance in finding a job
  • Opportunities to give back through Community Service

Once the resident has completed the Residential portion of Phase 3, she will have completed the following requirements prior to entering the Non-Residential part of Phase 3:
  • Secured a job
  • Financially saved a sufficient amount to pay rent and the initial deposit on an apartment
  • Created a personal budget
  • Executed a Contract of Agreement for the Non-Residential Component, which includes boundaries and accountability